156: Mike Jones


Welcome to the first episode of Feasting on Design! So if you’re new here, I’m your host Jason Frostholm. I’m a designer and creative director with nearly 20 years of experience and I used to host a podcast call the Creative South Podcast, which wrapped up at the end of last year. When that podcast was coming to an end I knew I wanted to keep podcasting and talking to designers, illustrators and other creatives, but I also wanted to explore my other passion food. so occasionally we’ll be talking with chefs, brewers, bartenders, and restaurateurs about what it takes to design your business in the food and beverage industry from the ground up. So you might be wondering “if they is the first episode for Feasting on Design why is it number 156 on my podcast player,” well the simplest answer is I wanted to make it easy for fans of the Creative South Podcast to find the show and not have to subscribe to a new podcast feed, and I want people to be able to go back and listen to old episodes for the Creative South podcast since we had a ton of really great guests on there. I hope you like Feasting on Design, let me know what you think and if you like it leave me a review over on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

To kick off the first episode of Feasting on Design, I’m bringing my podcast life full circle and talking with Creative South co-founder and head of design at Aflac, Mike Jones. We sit down and chat about what Creative South has in store for 2019, designing for food packaging, and there is a lot of talk about BBQ. So sit back and break some bread with us on this episode of Feasting On Design.

You can find out more about Mike on Twitter @Bucket826 and be sure to check out the links in the show notes for more ways to keep up with him. Visit feastingondesign.com to catch up on the archives of the Creative South Podcast, get some cool swag like t-shirts and stickers that are on sale right now for 50% off with free shipping on orders over $25 when you use the code FreeShipping, all one word, plus you can keep up with the podcast on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram @FeastOnDesign, and I’m @jfrostholm on DribbbleTwitter, and Instagram.

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