4: Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn

Ep 4-Shauna Panczyszyn.jpeg

My guest this week is Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn,. Shauna is an award winning hand lettering artist and illustrator, and has worked with clients like International DelightPublixFortune Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. I talk with her about everything from studying opera in college, to figure skating as an adult, to dealing with anxiety – right after this:

Epicurrence, coming from joining the words “epic” and “occurrence” was always intended to be different. Epicurence – The Montues, is the same way, just a little shorter. Held March 6–9th in beautiful Lake Tahoe, CA at NorthstarThe Mountues is a 3-day jam session of creative discussions, inspirations, relationships, and adventures. You will enjoy daily knowledgeable talks, encouraging stories, incredible food, and time on the mountain for skiing and snowboarding.

Basically, it’s a unique experience you’d find in the organic aisle of conferences. At Epicurrence —The Montues, the focus is on you and the relationships you build with the other attendees. The main goal is to get you re-inspired to create better work but comes with incredible benefits like learning new techniques and skills to manage your work-life while gaining life-long relationships. Sure, there are epic activities, but ultimately it’s the discussions and the knowledge that you take away that sets it apart.

There are only two weeks left before the Montues, but you can still go just request an invite today at mountues.com.

Jason Frostholm