21: Scotty Russell


My guest this week is my friend, Scotty Russell. Scotty is an illustrative hand lettering artist, and motivation creative coach, in his spare time he holds down a day job as an in-house creative for an industrial manufacturer in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Scotty and I met last year when he came to Mobile to speak at an AIGA portfolio review. I was truly floored by his story and the message behind it. This year at Creative South he presented a version of that same talk and was greeted with a standing ovation at the end. His passion and motivation to keep improving, pushing himself to meet his goals, and his willingness to help others figure out how to achieve theirs is inspiring. in this episode we talk about all of that, plus how his college football experience shipped his life, how getting injured on the field led him into a deep depression, and how he found his place by helping others achieve their goals. On to the show.

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