20: Antionette Carroll


Welcome to the Creative South Podcast, I’m your host Jason Frostholm. When I woke up this Sunday morning, I wasn't prepared for what I would see on the news. Another mass shooting, this time at a popular gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. The first reports filed had 20 dead and at least as many injured. Throughout the morning that number would grow eventually ending with 50 people killed and another 53 injured, making it the largest mass shooting in the United States history. This wasn’t a random act, it was an act of hate and homophobia.

We can continue to sit back and hide our heads in the sand hoping tragedies like the shooting in Orlando will just go away, and pretending they are somethings we can’t do anything about, or we can choose to help eradicate the fear and hate that is becoming endemic in our society. We can help knock down the walls of “us versus them” and use the rubble to build bridges by admitting that the color of our skin, the religion that we practice, who we’re attracted to, and how we identify ourselves aren’t things we should use to exclude people or promote fear and hate. We should embrace those differences, and learn from them. Use the differences as an opportunity to learn from someone who sees the world differently than you. Use the difference to erase that hate and fear by introducing people to things that are outside of their comfort zone.

My guest this week is putting those differences under a spotlight and asking how she can make a change and inspire others to do the same. Antoinette Carroll is the CEO of Creative Reaction Labs, a non-profit based out of St. Louis, dedicated to using design for social innovation and to improve the human experience. She is also the president of AIGA St Louis, she created and serves as chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Initiative at the local level, and at the national level, she is the Chair of AIGA’s Diversity and Inclusion Task Force.

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