13: diane gibbs - Recharging you!

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Thanks for joining us this week. This is a sad time for the design community, as we learned that Creative South Friend, Brad Iroff passed away suddenly and unexpectedly a couple weeks ago, at the age of 36. Brad was a husband, father, and friend, as well as the CEO of Kickstart Creative, a fixture in the Atlanta design community, an avid mountain biker, and vinyl record collector. In his passing Brad leaves behind his wife Jen, a young daughter McKenna, and a daughter on the way. A college fund has been set up for his daughter McKenna, if you’d like to donate you can do so at gofundme.com/iroff.

My guest this week is diane gibbs. diane is an associate professor of Graphic Design at the University of South Alabama, she also runs her own design company, Little Bird Communications, and is the host of Design Recharge, a weekly interview series, where she talks with other designers and creative professionals. I talk with diane about her faith, teaching, her motivation behind starting Design Recharge, and so much more. On to the show.

Thanks for tuning in this week. You can find out more about diane at rechargingyou.com or follow her @DesignRecharge on Twitter. You can keep up with the podcast and Creative South on Twitter and Instagram @CreativeSouthGA or over at CreativeSouthGA.com, and I’m @jfrostholm on Dribbble, Twitter, and Instagram.

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